What happens when you put the most powerful energy source in the world near your beating heart?

You’re about to find out...

Did you know that many billionaires are walking around with a salt pouch under their Versace shirts?

It’s true.

Why would they do this?

Did you know that many Buddhist gurus wear a salt pouch and they have been doing it for thousands of years and not telling anyone about it?

It’s pretty interesting if you ask me...

because if there’s one thing we can say about this universe...

It’s that...

It’s salt.

Without a doubt,
salt is the most important minerals on the planet...


The ocean is filled with it.


Plants are filled with it.


The dirt is filled with it...


Rocks are made out of it...


Your blood is filled with it...

People survive for years at a time in a hospital bed off nothing but salt and water...

It preserves absolutely anything for an indefinite amount of time..

It is the elemental building block of creation...

And of course, it’s what gives crystals all their power...

But I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.

What you don’t know...is there a specific KIND of salt...

...that has been hunted down by kings, emperors and sultans for generations....

Salt that has been excavated from an ancient ruin....which has been scientifically tested....and shown to have a vibrational energy that is off the charts....

This salt is so powerful, you just have to put it near your heart and your destiny immediately starts to change...

Success stories with this salt... are beyond belief....are pouring out every single day...because of this salt....

We call it “Spiritual Salt”.

When this “Spiritual Salt” is put up against your chest...it causes a truly unexpected phenomenon.

There is a point of instant communication between the salt on your chest...

... and the salt in your heart that creates a force field of positive energy....

This energy grows and grows and gathers more strength...

This in turn brings about a harmony in your life that no talisman or trinket can offer.

You will be feeling love all day long. People will feel your love and want to give it back to you.

People will want to find ways to give you money...

You just sit back and relax. And let the salt do all the work.

And your life will just get easier and easier...

Jews Call it Jewish salt.

Buddhists call it Buddhist Salt.

And I call it the last thing you’ll ever need to buy for your success in life...

Because what it will do for you is that good.....

Now I would like to bless you with the wisdom of this all powerful mineral... that can turn your life around on a dime... no matter how hopeless you think your situation may be...

But not all salt is created the same.

Scholars believe there is only one kind of salt this could be referring to…

And it is a salt revered in every religion on the face of the planet. Taoism,
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Wars have been fought over this particular kind of salt.

Buddhists call it Buddhist salt. But Christians call it Christian salt.

Jews call it Jewish salt.

We just call it “Spiritual Salt”

But it’s all the same salt… it all comes from the same crystal….

Known in Hindi as the
“Crystal of Life”

Getting your hands on this specific kind of salt 100 years ago would cost you a fortune and possibly your head.

Because it gives off a vibration that can only be described as miraculous.

It has now been proven over thousands of test subjects…that it has unbelievable health benefits.

It aids digestion, purifies your blood, and it creates new neural connections that make you sharper…

But that’s not where it ends….

That’s where it begins…

Because this salt also brings what you might call “good luck”

Even though luck has nothing to do with it.

The vibration from this salt taps
into forces in the universe that
invite blessing into your life

I’m talking about people finding their soulmate in a matter of days of just by holding this salt against their heart for a few minutes…

I’m talking about people getting promotions at work…just by holding this salt against their heart…

I’m talking about stress melting like hot butter on a flame…just by holding this salt against their heart….

I’m talking about people getting business ideas just by holding this salt against their heart…

I wear mine around my neck, every day… and I have literally gone from a $2,000 overdraft with fees piling up every day…

To making over 5 million dollars every year…whilst working in my spare time and doing charity work and racket ball the rest of the time…

I believe in fate. I see it play out every day of my life.

And I believe you clicked on this page for a reason…

And the reason is…that this is a turning point in your life.

A day you will never forget…

Because I don’t know you.

But I know one thing.

You are in pain of one kind or another…

And the bigger question is…

If it’s this important to Him…

Maybe it should be important to you too…

Maybe it should be very important!

Did you ever really think about salt, in general?

How, unlike any other condiment, it works on pretty much anything.


Psychiatric pain.


Psychological pain.


Marital strife.




The pain of debt.


The pain of loss.


The pain of boredom.


The pain of addiction.


The pain of childhood trauma.


The pain of never having a minute to yourself.


The pain of looking in the mirror and feeling like you got punched in the gut with a bowling ball because of the way your body looks.


The pain of jealousy of celebrities and everyone in your social media feed who seems to be having a better life than you

And you know, deep down, there is something in this letter…

That can get you out
of that pain…

And you’re right.

As sure as the seat you’re sitting on, the answer to the pain is right here…

Look no further.

Forget about binaural beats and horoscopes. They can’t save you.

The real reason you are here…is so you can learn the most powerful force in your development as a human being.

To find the one thing separating you from a life of wishing you were something you’re not…

To actually being something that you weren’t.


Whether that’s wealthy.


Whether that’s popular.


Whether that’s happy.


Whether that’s just having things go your way...

And it’s not the law of attraction.

There’s simply too much that can go wrong with the law of attraction.

Yes, it’s true, your thoughts control your destiny.

But think one wrong thought and everything you built mentally is down the drain.

Who can possibly keep to a regimen like that?

For the law of attraction to actually work, you’d need the focus of a Zen master who has been practicing his craft for decades.

For the rest of us, it’s just another dead end.

It’s just not practical…


At its core, it’s impossible to actually make it work.

What you need is something you can hold in your hand, or wear around your neck that gives you undeniable feelings of wellbeing… and good luck in every aspect of your life.

What do you have to do to make this work?

No special thinking. Absolute nothing.

The Spiritual Salt does all the work…

It works for married men, divorced men disabled men, veterans…

… married women, divorced women and even teenage girls trying to figure it all out…

Absolutely everyone will benefit.

Even little kids…as we’ll explain…

What you’re about to learn about is something so powerful…

Nobody can possibly get it wrong.

You can’t screw this up if you tried…

Because for once…you don’t have to make it work. It works ON you.

Giving you the powers of decades of inner work…in just seconds…

And it will continue to work on you, so long as you just hold it up against your heart…

Hold it up to your third eye and you
will see different dimensions.

But that’s for advanced folk. For another time.

People think trinkets have no power.

And most of them don’t…

But true talismans do hold power.

A talisman is a physical object that holds actual vibrations and have been used in rituals for thousands of years for a very good reason..

And when you have the salt used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem...

The one every major religion claims as their own…

When you have the salt compounded by Doctor Sun Simiao, one of the most famous Eastern medicinal gurus…

…who practices medicine with talismans the way his ancestors did in 779 AD.

…A man who commands a congregation of 8,000 every single day…

…because he can heal practically anything that ails anyone…

And yet he’s virtually unknown to the American public until today…

When you have the salt that clashes, and bloody wars were fought over…

When you have the salt with a vibration so high you can’t possibly stop smiling when it’s near your heart…


Well then you have to start paying attention.

One reason why?

Because this site is targeted for annihilation by some very powerful people…

We are getting threats from Chinese communist leaders…

We’ve actually gotten an email from: Li Keqiang the Premier* of China…

*The Premier is the highest administrative position in the Government of the People's Republic of China. The Premier is responsible for organizing and administering the Chinese civil bureaucracy. This includes overseeing the various ministries, departments, commissions and statutory agencies and announcing their candidacies to the National People's Congress for Vice-Premiers, State Councilors and ministry offices.

Yes. We got an email from this piece of work…

Telling us to take our website down, or face litigation…

We’re going to pretend we never got that email because we know we have the right to do what we’re doing.

They do not own this salt.

It’s of nature.

It belongs to the people of the world.

And therefore, anyone can sell it just as anyone can sell Turmeric.

It’s bad enough they own Tik Tok which can shut anyone down with the flick of a finger…

…and they simultaneously control the narrative and influence the American people’s vote and ideology…

They have to shut down an
innocent site like ours…

That’s just trying to help people…

But there’s reason they’re so touchy about us selling this in America…

Because this salt will give Americans an unfair advantage. In business and in life.

And if you hadn’t noticed, they believe that competing with and beating America is their highest priority.

The advantages of having this salt are many…

In romantic life, there will always be advantages, and,

in your memory, there will be advantages…

in your clarity and your happiness and your peace of mind, there will be advantages.

This is to say nothing of the fact that you’ll be making more money in ways you really didn’t see coming.

The money comes to you.

Which is why this will improve America’s economy and lifestyle wherever it goes..

And that’s exactly what they don’t want.

Just hear Janet Wilhelm talk about this salt…

“Spiritual Salts are something I’d heard about,
but never got the guts to actually buy.

But your letter was so compelling I had to give it a try. And OMG. You can feel the energy when you hold it in your hands. That’s why I keep it around my neck every single day and the results have just been beyond belief. I hold it up against me 3rd eye sometimes and I feel just unreal. I see things I can’t describe in words….

I get unexpected checks all the time now. That never happened to me. I got a raise twice in six months. That never happened to me. I’ve never felt happier and I’m not feeling happier because of the money. The happiness is coming from the inside. I will keep this on my heart for as long as I live because not having this talisman is really not living at all…”

If you want your life to improve and improve steadily every single day…

You’re about to find out how to do it…

And do it you will…


Without any doubts about if it will work because you can FEEL it working

The difference between this solution and others is the difference between darkness and light.

Because you will know how well it works, not by me telling you. But by you experiencing it for yourself.

And in a word...

It’s all about this strange little salt.

From a very large pink luminescent crystal off the coast of the China sea…

The fact is… that if you stick with this presentation,

I mean if you really block out everything going on and focus really close on every word, you’re reading…

You’re going to understand yourself better than you ever have.

You’re going to understand why Chinese people were killing each other by the thousands…in 776 AD, over a few barrels of this salt…

A little history is in order.

Salt was always a hot export item in China. From 200 BCE until today…

Their biggest customers were always India…who understood the spiritual value of Chinese salt…

But there was a single type of crystal
that shed a single type of salt….

That was used in the second Holy Temple in Jerusalem. In 110 B.C.E.

Before Jesus lived…

That salt…it was believed… had almost magic powers.

The Buddhists wanted to take credit for it so they called it Buddhist salt.

And they do deserve a lot of credit for preserving it for so long…and so well…

…until it was forcibly taken from them and then taken back…as we’ll describe…

You can find scarce mention of Buddhist salt on Google because every time someone makes a post about it…

it is usually taken down at the request of the Chinese who as you know are buddy-buddy with Sergey Brin and Google…

One day, Emperor Xuan in 770AD heard about the power of this rare and special salt that was used in the Temple and was being hoarded by Buddhist monks.

He sent henchmen to confiscate it from all monasteries in China.

The henchmen were brutal.

They yanked the Buddhists by their ponytails and shoved their faces in the mud…until they told them where they were kept….

Then they knocked them unconscious with the end of a dagger ax….

Women were raped… men were enslaved….

And we never heard from this particular group of Buddhists again…

They were put out of business… they likely fled or became vassals of The Emperor…

The henchmen confiscated all of the salt in big barrels…which they loaded onto wagons pulled by horses...

There was so much salt they had to keep calling in backup to bring more barrels to take it all.

Naturally the Emperor Xuan himself wanted the lion share of this unique salt for him and his many wives…

Now you may not realize this about The Buddhists… they seem peaceful and non-violent, and they are…

But they can also be quite pugnacious and vengeful when they want to be…

…they were ticked about the loss of this salt and how it was going to be abused by the emperor….

They wanted it back.

So, Buddhists from other monasteries hatched a plan…

They knew there were many opposition clans against Emperor Xuan.

The clans looked for any opportunity to start up with the emperor and hopefully depose him…

They told these clans what had happened and where the salt was.

They explained the extremely
spiritual nature of the salt.

And they said they wanted the salt back… and if they got it back, they’d give them some of it and to boot it would greatly weaken The Emperor’s power…

They told the clan how breathing it in can heal every woe a person has…

The next thing you know… these clans are united and got into a bloody battle over those barrels of salt!

4,255 men were killed that day if you count the deaths from both sides.

And most of the salt was returned to the Buddhists where it belonged...

The clans took their cut of the loot…

With the salt in their corner, the clans became more united and more powerful…

And over time their possession of the “Buddhist salt”, led them into becoming one of the largest empires in all of Asia…

Maybe you’ve heard of them.

It was the Li Family who took the lead and founded the famous Tang dynasty…

No historian can explain the rise of the Li family to rule an empire as large as China in a matter of months…

But the Buddhists knew very well what had happened.

They were using the power of the salt for their own greedy ends.

And as they expected, it worked.

The Buddhists still have over 1,000 tons of the stuff…

But they are so secluded and pious… they have zero interest in the power and wealth that they bring.

They use it purely to help them with their meditation.

And without them even trying…people come to them as if pulled by a magnet….

Eager to shower them with money…so they can continue their work and keep teaching them the secrets of peace of mind…

… that have eluded Americans since the civil war…


I’m no guru…

I’m no monk...

I’m no fasting, meditating, ascetic, philosophizing about the meaning of life.

I’m just a kid from Santa Monica California

Which means you probably think I know how to surf which I don’t…

I only was able to stand on the board once.

And that was when I got smacked down by an oncoming wave behind me and got sucked in by the undertow and nearly drowned.

Everyone was watching…

With that wipeout, I wiped out my last chances with any girls on the beach...

I never was much of a magnet for the ladies.

I saw girls around me fawning over bad boys, football players and downright gangsters.

I’d spend my Friday nights
alone playing Nintendo…

I was a writer.

But I had nothing to put in my own autobiography...

It was completely blank because I’d never done anything cool in my life…

What was I gonna write about - how Cindy Pattel slapped me when I tried to use some cheezy pickup line I’d gotten off of Google...

As I looked at those blank pages, I said to myself… “I have to get out a little. I gotta travel.”

And that’s when I saw the sign at school. It’s the fate I was talking about.

They were offering a free trip to China to meet a Buddhist community...

You just had to write the best paper on Buddhism of anyone and you are in!

This tickled my research bone.

I figured if I could just have some solid time in the library, I had this one in the bag....

I actually had a friend in Washington DC scan me some pages from the Library of Congress to get some info I knew nobody else would have.

And one thing that kept coming up in those pages was this special salt, and all the power it brought with it.

I had to get my hands on it!

I won of course.

The flight was a breeze cuz I was so excited.

I told myself I’m gonna find something out that nobody else in America knows…

I’m going to find this special salt.

I went from one monk to the next to the next.

Each one gave me the heave ho.

Until I landed on one of the highest ranked gurus in all of China.

He was as humble as he was powerful.

And he pointed to a cabin that he said was full of this salt.

I asked him if I could buy some.

He said this was very unorthodox as it has been kept secret by Buddhists for thousands of years.

If I share it with you, will you promise to only use it for good?

I said I promise with my life.

A lot more was said but we gotta get to the good part of this story.

He took me to a shed. With a bunch of barrels.

And he said, “You see this?”

I replied, “Yes. It’s salt.”

“No. Not just any salt. This is “Buddhist salt.” We have lost many lives trying to protect it. It comes from pink luminescent crystal. And we fought hard to keep this away from evil forces. I can see you mean well… I want to give you a pouch. The pouch had beautiful embroidery on it so it was something I would wear anyway.”

He said, “Put it up against your chest…”

So I did…

And that was when something
changed inside of me.

The first thing that happened is I burped.

I know that seems lame.

But it was actually an important sign…

Something in my stomach had immediately digested that wasn’t digested before.

And I felt a relief.

But there was more.

The vibration of the talisman was making me feel a little high.

Almost like I took a whiff of a blunt.

But this felt much more natural.

I felt at peace. Like I’ve never felt in my life.

And I said, “What is this doing to me?”

He said, “It’s bringing out the happiness you already have inside. This is the true happiness Americans are looking for but they’re looking for it in all the wrong places. I want you to have this. But remember, use it only for good.”

I nodded.

“Keep it over your heart and you will only have blessings in your life.”

I’m trying to describe a feeling you can’t really describe.

When it touched my heart, it felt warm. Like white hot ooze. And the warmth led to a certain kind of love.

Love for myself. Love for the guru. Love for life.

Everything just felt “right”.

All was well with the world.

He told me that this was only the beginning.

And I was excited to find out what that meant!

I took it back to America.

And quietly and quickly, its other powers made themselves known.

I became very wealthy in a short space of time.

In fact, I was amassing a fortune.

I would pick stocks and they would rise.

Pick another stock and it would rise too.

I’d keep doing this…and before I knew it, people started asking me for advice.

And I had no idea what to tell them.

Hedge fund managers calling me every day.

I wasn’t going to show them what was hanging around my neck.

Because that would be the end of my competitive advantage

And there are other benefits.

Since I put that thing on, I’ve been with more women than I could ever count.

I settled down and got married to a gorgeous blond named Triss Henderson. I have 3 adorable and bright kids and they all wear the same necklace I do. They are star students; all very popular.

Well, it hasn’t all been roses. Things did get weird at one point.

Someone cornered me in my office when everyone was gone.

He said
“I know your secret…”

“What are you talking about?”

He pulled his hand into my shirt and pulled out the necklace.

He said, “This is it, isn’t it? Some kind of spiritual salt that gives you good luck, right? I read about it. That’s how you pick all those stocks, right?”

I said “So, what if it is?”

He said, “I want it.”

“You’ll have to kill me first…”

He said “I don’t want to beat you up. But I want you to get me one…”

I refused obviously. I mean I need the competitive advantage.

He said “Look Brad… Have you reached every dream you could possibly reach?”

I nodded.

He said, “Well then what have you got to lose?”

He was right.

I’d accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish.

I had the girl. I had the house. I had the kids. I had the cash.

So, I caved.

I charged him 10 grand just for one talisman… which he gladly accepted.

And believe me, he got the better of that deal.

He was in the millions within a few months!

Meanwhile, I had tons of the stuff back in my garage.

So, I lost practically nothing, and I was 10 grand richer…

People think he’s a wizz. And he keeps the amulet in shirt by his heart. And nobody knows what’s going on.

And the truth is, I could care less about his money.

I’ve learned that happiness is far more important…

If you don’t have happiness, money is worthless…

That reminds me of something that guru said. Yoshi Atashe, was his name..

He said…

“Many Americans have come here, and all ask the same questions. “How can I be happy?” And I tell them. The question is the wrong question. It assumes they are missing something. They are not missing anything. The happiness is already inside. You just need to bring it out. This is where you find joy. And this is where you find success.”

And just like that…

No thought control.

No “reinforcing” videos.

I just held this near my heart
and wore this around my neck

And I was on cloud 9 all day long.

And before any stressful situation, I would hold it on my forehead right up against my third eyes.

And that just made it all the more powerful.

Happiness washed over me. Total calm. Total peace. And I started to see my past and future in front of me…

It made me feel alive and I rocked whatever I had to do…

… whether it was a presentation or a YouTube video I was making for my channel. Ideas flowed. They just came to me.

It was like my brain was turned on when it had been turned off my entire life.

I had the imagination of my childhood.

And this is not to mention the good luck I had.

Girls would actually come up to me and just say, “You’ve got a good vibe. Want to have a coffee sometime?”

I had more girls than I could fight off.

I started a rotation for which girls I would see and make sure no lies caught up to me lol.

But I didn’t have much to lie much.

It wasn’t like the old days.

I was a literal real chick magnet.

And that’s how I found Triss…

She was my pick out of 6 different girls I was dating at the same time.

And I had the money to pay for all of them because I was picking stocks that were at their worst and became runaway hits the moment I bought them.

As I said, I had hedge fund managers watching what I was doing very closely.

They wanted my secret.

But I promised to only use this for good. And I know the hedge fund managers are always up to no good.

So, the secret stays safe with me.

Well, me and that asshole…

I started going to the gym with the Spiritual Salt next to my heart.

I could lift more than any guys my size. It gave me more endurance.

My trainer was absolutely shocked at how long I could go on the elliptical even when I’d barely exercised in my entire life.

My muscles grew quickly. And I started to actually look like a man.

I started to really enjoy looking myself in the mirror.

I got new clothes. I hired a stylist to make sure I bought the right stuff.

And my whole life was just taking off like a rocket…

It was just like a dream. Only I was completely awake.

Everything was going exactly
the way I wanted it to…

The way I’d dreamed it would be when I was a child…

And the more satisfied I became with my life, the more I felt compelled to share it with others.

I slowly started sharing this with close friends. And more distant friends.

And they all wear the amulet religiously.

They say things have never gone so well for them as it does when they’re wearing “that salt thing”.

Americans today have no idea what it means to be happy.

They think if they saw a good Netflix program or heard a good joke or went to a good concert…that they are happy.

But you will notice.

That those “episodes” of “happiness” last no more than a few hours.

What they’re actually experiencing is a rush of dopamine, just like with a drug, that only lasts a few minutes…

And what about the rest of their lives?

Where is there happiness then?

Cleaning, eating sleeping. 70% of our life…

No. There is no happiness during 70% of their life.

True happiness comes from
the inside. Not the outside.

It wells up inside your heart like a fresh spring has sprung.

And it takes over your entire body until you can’t help but smile and dance.

It pours out in love for other people. Like marijuana except it won’t turn into a dope and it lasts forever.

It’s natural…

In fact, it makes you smarter. Way smarter. Able to do mathematical calculations that always made you scratch your head.

I used it to write the words you’re hearing right now…

And maybe you noticed the power these words hold…

The Buddhists know this power but they don’t want the power…

They simply don’t know what to do with it except meditate.

But I have a feeling you know exactly what you want to do with this infinite power.

I think you know exactly what to do when you get the ability to get absolutely anything you want in this world.

Feeling attractive, luxury, wealth, endurance, and strength in the gym…

… the willpower to eat right, it’s all attracted to you exactly the way the law of attraction is supposed to do but can’t.

I have no doubt…
you will use it with great success…

…beyond your wildest imagination….and that most importantly, you will use it for good.

Because this can be used and has been used for very dark purposes.

And I don’t want this falling into the wrong hands.

You will start to make more money… within days of taking hold of this salt…

Your relationships will blossom with friends, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, with your children with your parents. With your grandparents.

When it is near your heart your heart will always feel warm.

Your love for all of them will shine and as if bouncing off a mirror… the love will reflect back to you.

You won’t need to think about it.

You won’t be able to doubt it. Cuz it’s there. The result is immediate.

You’ll just have this salt hanging around your neck in a beautiful pouch… attracting everything good and even everything a little naughty to your doorstep.

I mean we’re all entitled to a little fun, just don’t get out of control…

You will breathe more slowly and more deeply with this on your heart… Automatically.

You heart will beat more regularly. You will have more endurance.

Your performance in the
bedroom will be titanic.

It’s like my member has taken on a whole new life and even size…. I’m like a teenager again….

And nobody will be able to take it away from you.

Cuz it’s literally around your neck…and nothing can stop its beautiful vibrations.

You’re going to understand how to use salt to transform every aspect of your life like your bank account, your waistline, your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your diabetes type 2, your marriage and your sense of peace and harmony with the word...

The key is salt. It has always been salt. And it will be salt for as long as we all live.

And not table salt. Not Kosher salt.

I’m not even talking about Himalayan salt, which has wonderful health benefits.

All of these salts are great with your scrambled eggs. But won’t do a thing for your life.

There is only one kind of salt that hold real spiritual power beyond belief.

And it has never come to America until today.

We call it Spiritual Salt

And you get your pouch hand knitted carefully by female Buddhists from real monasteries…

It has only been used by Spiritual Ascetics and emperors drunk with power for thousands of years…these are people who amass incredibly abilities.

Like being able to not sleep for 15 days...not eat for one month...

…and give blessings to their followers that come true the same day....

…blessing for healing of cancer…heart disease…and even blindness….

And this is the salt was used on sacrifices in the Holy Temple that caused a miraculous flame shaped like a lion to lick up the sacrifice.

But the sacrifice better have this salt. Or the miracles don’t happen.

This is the salt that nearly started a war, and is largely responsible for one of the most successful dynasties in Chinese history: the Tang dynasty…

It carries a powerful vibration that goes to your core...and makes actual changes to your brain chemistry and your cells and DNA…

…making you immediately sharper and healthier…than you ever have been.

But it also goes to your heart which will cause you to fall in love with your life, not to mention your wife…

Just imagine waking up every morning and feeling the love behind every tree… every leaf… every person driving on the road.

Just imagine if everywhere you looked is love.

That’s what Spiritual salt can give you...

But that’s just the beginning.

It can give you better health.

It can give you tremendous wealth

It can heal broken relationships.

It can repair trauma from decades ago.

It will make you happier than you’ve ever been in your entire life...

It emits vibrations so powerful you’ll have to sit down when you get near it...

Vibrations that’ll knock your socks off.

Vibrations that will make you so awash with peace you’ll never want to let it go...

Vibrations that will cause other people to feel your vibrations.

Let me tell you a little story:

I was wearing an amulet, going through the airport security check. And since salt technically has metal in it, the amulet triggered the metal detector.

The security guard took one look at it and he just started to smile.

“What is this?”, he asked.

“We call it Spiritual Salt

He said you should really sell that stuff, it’s like it has some vibration coming off of it and I haven’t felt this good all day”

I keep one around my neck all the times. So, its vibrations emit directly into my heart.

Before I go into a meeting, I breathe it in and I hold it up against my third eye.

At this point, I am so calm and in control and yet so happy...that I’m like the Tony Robbins of board room.

One of my friends, Jason Maken, said this:

“Look. I’m not a spiritual person. I’m actually an atheist.

But when I saw the way your life transformed, I had to give it a try. What’s amazing about it, is you don’t need to believe anything, or think anything. It’s just something you feel. And the results are immediate. I am so grateful I found this and I’m never letting this off my neck for as long as I live. Because life with this on is just a completely different kind of life. Thank you. Thank you. You’re doing a great service.”

Hell. You guys need a break. Don’t you think?

Gas prices.

Food prices.

Record homelessness.

Record inflation.

Nobody likes the president.

More infighting than ever before.

So much confusion about sexuality. They don’t even know who we are anymore…

It’s not every day you can get a product that actually started a war…

But that’s because it makes peace.

Peace in your mind. Peace in your relationships. Peace in your bank account.

In 40 years. I’ve never come across something this powerful in the personal development space.

I have affiliates lining up like it’s the launch of a new iPhone, all wanting to sell this stuff.

Because the customers have never been so happy…

They’ve never been so successful

As I said we’re not in this for the profit.

There is very little profit to be had when you consider my costs of getting it off the Buddhists’ hands…

…and shipping it to America and then shipping it out to you.

So, I’m going to need you to help me out with the shipping.

But that’s about it.

Aside from that, we’re going to charge you the rock bottom price just to keep this site running.

And that’s not $10,000, which is what everyone else pays for it…

But just $47 for 10 table spoons of Spiritual salt packed tightly into a hand embroidered pouch with a string so you can always have it over your heart.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $47

*Free Domestic Shipping!

International shipping is chargeable at $14.95

You will 10X that $47 …. when you get your first unexpected check. Or when you pick your first stock…

This will be by far be the smartest purchase you’ve ever made.

When you hold that pouch up against your heart, you will immediately know you made the right decision.

What other product out there actually gets you results on the first second?

It doesn’t exist.

Not binaural beats…we’re still trying to figure out what benefits that actually has.

Not the impossible law of attraction.

And not tarot cards and horoscopes… both of which are entirely misused and overestimated…

You landed on the holy grail.

This is the one that makes the difference in your life

This is where you turn the corner.

This is the last personal development product you will ever need to buy.

Because it actually works.

And I’m so sure it’s going to work for you that I’m going to guarantee it.

Call it a return policy. Call it what you want. Here’s the deal. I don’t want any unhappy customers. This launch is about love.

I want people who feel it, and love it, or don’t pay for it at all.

So, if you feel in any way that I have misled you. If I haven’t fulfilled on every single promise, I’ve made…

If you don’t feel the power of the Spiritual Salts in your hands and around your neck…

Then I want you to contact us and we have people paid top dollar just to return your money.

It rarely happens. People are so happy they want to send us more money…

But if it does happen…

They’ll have your money back within a day.

Do you realize what this means?

It means you have nothing to lose.

It means you don’t even have to say yes.

You just have to say “what the hell I’ll give it a shot.”

Just say maybe.

You’ve got enough guts to say maybe, right?

This is going to work for you

I’ve guaranteed that.

This will be the most powerful product you ever buy.

I’ve guaranteed that too.

All that’s left to do is for you to take action.

Take the action that means you won’t have to take any action for the rest of your life.

Just hit the button below and get your own shipment of Spiritual Salt for an instant change in your life situation.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $47

*Free Domestic Shipping!

International shipping is chargeable at $14.95


Do you have something better to do with your $47 ?

What are you going to do, watch a movie you’ll forget about in 2 days?

Or are you going to get yourself some salts that never go bad.

And I mean never.

And will always put a smile on your face.

And will always bring you good luck….and one hell of a pay day.

There is no alternative here. You buy this or you regret not buying this for the rest of your life.

So do yourself the biggest favor.

Hit the button below.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $47

*Free Domestic Shipping!

International shipping is chargeable at $14.95

You don’t realize it but you’re lost.

You don’t even know what it is to be found.

But you will know.

With this Spiritual Salt, you will finally know what it means to be “At home” and “At peace”

You’ll no longer wonder why all these Buddhists are always so happy.

But you’re about to know.

So just hit the button below and let’s get your transformation started.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $47

*Free Domestic Shipping!

International shipping is chargeable at $14.95

We’ll have it at your doorstep in no time.

Every minute you wait, is another minute of misery you didn’t have to live…

You’re just delaying what you know you’ll do anyway.

Because this concept of the Spiritual Salt is not leaving your head.

The idea will just keep growing and knowing at your more and more and more.

And then just when you go to satisfy this incredible urge to have this…. BOOM!

The site is taken down by the Chinese. And you’ll never get a chance get it again.

Think that can’t happen?

It’s foolish to think that can’t happen. It’s more likely than not.

So, let’s not make that mistake.

As I said many times. People in power want this site down.

So, you’ve got to take action now.

Just simply hit the button below.

And I’ll see you on the next page with a big surprise.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $47

*Free Domestic Shipping!

International shipping is chargeable at $14.95


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